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ARCPRO® FR Poloshirt Navy

Fire Retardant Long Sleeved Polo Shirt Colour...

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Aluminised Apron

Foundry Man's Apron Aprons are made from...

278.00 NZD

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Tappers Coat

Aluminised Tappers Coats Aprons are made from...

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Galvanisers Overalls

the fabric is lightweight, yet has have molten metal resistant properties ...

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FR Easy Action Overalls

FR Overalls- Orange Contact Jaedon for avai...

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NZS FR Shirt

Fire Retardant Work Shirt 100% Cotton fabric ...

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FR Cotton Jacket

Fire Retardant Jacket Cotton rich fabric with...

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Arc Rated Overalls

Fire Retardant Overalls Lightweight fire reta...

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FR HV Shirt

Fire Retardant Hi-Vis Shirt Contact Jaedon...

74.00 NZD

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ARCPRO® FR Overalls - Grey/Red

Fire Retardant Overalls Lightweight fire reta...

53.00 NZD

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FR Welders Balaclava

Fire Retardant Balaclava FR treated 100% cott...

19.85 NZD

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FR Welders Vest

Specially designed to give high vis ...

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Fusion Leather Welders Apron

High quality cow split leather ...

39.80 NZD

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Fusion Leather Spats

FUSION Chrome Leather Welders Spats

27.55 NZD

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Fusion Fire Retardent Hood

One Size Fits All

17.50 NZD

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Grey Wolf Welders Gloves

Reinforced palm to first finger for added durability. Pack of 12 ...

133.50 NZD

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Hot Shot Welders

Red/rust welders glove ...

140.00 NZD

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Blue Brute Premium Welder Gloves

High quality blue split cow leather. 12 pair pack ...

164.75 NZD

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Esko Tig Master Pro Kevlar stitched Tig welders glove

Premium Welders 39CM 12 Pair ...

165.00 NZD

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Fusion Chrome Leather Welders Jacket

High quality red cow-split leather jacket ..

78.50 NZD

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Esko Tig Master Welders Gloves

Crafted for enhanced dexterity, comfort & feel. 12 Pair ...

132.50 NZD

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Pyromate Welding Jacket

Pyrovatex® treated cotton drill ........

94.25 NZD

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Red Welders Jacket

High quality red cow split leather ....

92.45 NZD

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Fusion Leather Cable Cover 3.5M

Leather Cable Cover

38.00 NZD

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Inherently Flame retardant

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PR97 Jacket

Inherently Fire Retardant

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FR Neck Flap

Attaches to your hard hat for extra protection.

8.90 NZD

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