PR97 Jacket



Colour: Orange

Composition: PR97 380gsm Wool/Lenzig® FR

ISO 9185: Metal Splash

Molten Aluminium = D3

Molten Cryolite: >100g

Molten Iron = E3

ISO 15025: Procedure A (Limited Flame Spread – Face Ignition = A1

Procedure B (Limited Flame Spread – Edge Ignition = A2

ISO 9151: Convective Heat = B1

ISO 6942: Radiant Heat Method B @ 20kW/m2 = C1

PR97™ is inherently flame retardant (FR). The FR features cannot be laundered out.

PR97™ will retain its FR properties for the life of the garment.

• PR97™ will not melt or stick to the skin. It will not ignite when exposed to electric arc or molten metals. It offers protection against molten; aluminium, cryolite, steel, iron, copper, magnesium and nickel, electric arc and convective and radiant heat.

• PR97™ is completely breathable and with no chemical FR treatments, minimises heat stress. PR97™ provides a unique wicking effect that immediately absorbs moisture thereby aiding the evaporative cooling process.

• PR97™ offers excellent wearer comfort and the highest standards of health and safety in secondary protective work wear.



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