Chainsaw Chaps

Whether you’re a New Zealand logger cutting down trees for timber, a forester or arborist felling dead specimens, or a homeowner doing yard work for landscaping, you need proper protection when you’re handling equipment that can cause considerable injury. This is precisely the purpose of chainsaw chaps—to protect your legs when you’re using a chainsaw, whether you’re working in an industrial, rural, or domestic environment.

Chainsaw chaps are made of materials that help reduce the risk of an injury to chainsaw operators. Typically, they have an outer shell material that is tough in itself but also quite smooth, helping protect the wearer against oil, water, and other liquid spills, as well as accidental scrapes from the chainsaw itself.

Underneath this shell, there are layers of synthetic fibers (e.g. Kevlar, polypropylene, and ballistic nylon) that are designed to pull apart in the event of a chainsaw accident. The fibers are drawn out, wrapping around the chainsaw’s sprocket system and clogging it in the process. This will then cause the saw’s chain to slow down or to stop completely, preventing what would have been a catastrophic accident.

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