Chainsaw Chaps

Product code: CSC002K



Comply with AS/NZS 4455.3.1997

These chaps contain material designed to reduce the risk or severity of an injury and give chainsaw operators extra reaction time. The cut-resistant material is designed to pull apart and clog the sprocket system of the chainsaw to slow or stop the chain completely.  Protective chaps should never be  considered safer than proper and correct chainsaw handling procedures.

Heavy duty oxford outer fabric, the internal chain arresting materials are composed of polypropylene scrimmage.  The chaps have a light weight breathable lining material. The chaps are fitted with 10 adjustable leg straps, with lower leg flaps to reduce debris falling into boots.

The waist has a wide comfortable strap, which is also adjustable.

Choose the correct size chaps for yourself. Measure from your waist to the top of your foot and select the correct length (always go longer than shorter).

SM = 93cm
M = 100cm
L = 107cm

Colour: Greenstone

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