About Jaedon Manufacturing A family business, which loves what it does

Jaedon has been in operation since 1995 when Mike jumped in boots and all and purchased an existing business, which made 1000’s upon 1000’s of tracksuits, jackets and polo shirts among other things, for all the big players. (That was back in the day when you could make & sell a tracksuit in NZ!)

But times change and things move on, as the All Blacks say 'it's a journey'.

The roller-coaster of Jaedon continues on, I climbed on board a while ago and Tracy was mad enough to join the team back in 2006. Since then we've grown, refocussed our beliefs and have made our customers our focus.
Steve joined the team in 2014 to take over running production and balancing the wants and needs of customers.
We are passionate about making stuff, designing, developing, and sampling, trialling new and innovative products.

Our motto is "You Want It, We Can Make It"

No matter how crazy and far-flung your ideas are, be it milking gowns for the cow shed or tappers coats for a steel mill, talk to us and we will tell if you if we can help.

We have a fantastic team of highly skilled machinists, who can turn their hand to a multitude of different applications. We have in-house CAD design, cutting, access to automatic cutting services, seam-sealing plant, PVC welding plant right through to light-weight merino thermals. (We can even make you a pair of denim jeans.) We are passionate about manufacturing in New Zealand and are proud to be making garments in New Zealand.

Our strength is customer care – we work really hard to supply our customers with quality New Zealand made garments that help them do their jobs safely and comfortably.
If we can't make it, we'll source it for you. We have access to a wide range of workwear and specialist items to help make your job easier.

If you're ever in the area, please feel free to stop in and see what we're making. It's always fun showing visitors around the factory.

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