Anti Static Workwear NZ

Jaedon is a top manufacturer and distributor of fire-retardant and anti-static workwear in New Zealand, in addition to being a trusted supplier of other vital safety workwear clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) in the country. We carry a range of fire-retardant and anti-static clothing and accessories, including anti-static jackets, anti-static vests, anti-static boots, boiler suits, fire-resistant clothing and many more.

Wearing fire-retardant and anti-static workwear is vital to the prevention of (and protection from) fires and explosions, especially in work environments where flammable liquids and gases are consistently present, or where working with damaged electrical components is a daily reality.

The secret to the effectiveness of anti-static garments is the conductive threads that are incorporated into their structure, a technique that essentially turns them into a kind of faraday cage that people can wear. This type of clothing shields electrostatic sensitive devices or substances from the charges that are generated by the interaction of the fabric and the person wearing them.

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