Emergency Response Teams

Emergency response teams (ERT) are groups of people that provide immediate response to incidents such as natural disasters and industrial accidents.

To avoid confusion during emergency events, it's important that ERT members wear clothing that indicates their position within the team. Also, they should have easy means to carry basic tools and equipment. This makes it vital to have the right clothing and equipment.

Jaedon’s CIMS multi-pocket vests are great examples of appropriate emergency response clothing available in NZ. They come in a range of role-specific colours for easy identification even during low-visibility situations. Additionally, they’re also designed with a generous amount of pockets, front and back. These make them ideal for carrying essentials like radios, notebooks, and flashlights. By request, team members’ titles can also be printed on the back of the vests to provide easy identification.

Sets of breathable wet weather jackets and trousers are also available for first responders during flooding, heavy rains, and other similar events. In addition to being fully weather-sealed, the designs also include a foldable hood, patch pockets, internal cell phone pockets, and storm cuffs—complying with AS/NZS 4602 Day/Night standards.

Jaedon has provided safety clothing for organisations such as St Johns New Zealand, the Red Cross, and the Coastguard. Our range of emergency response team uniforms also include safety clothing for safety officers, fire wardens and SAR (search and rescue) teams.