Three Essential Items for Every Welder's PPE Kit

Posted March 26, 2019

Welding is a highly skilled activity that poses many potential risks if not carried out correctly. Having the right personal protection equipment (PPE) is essential if you want to avoid injury—both sudden or long-term. Here are three essential items that every welder should have in their PPE kit.

1. Eye & Head Protection

Jaedon stocks an alternative to traditional ‘beekeeper’ style welding helmets. We also stock a great range of protective eyewear for those situations where you might be prepping metal using an angle grinder or a chipping hammer.


2. Body Protection

Flameproof overalls protect your whole body from the welding arc and other worksite hazards such as sharp edges or hot metal. Jaedon’s. Combine these overalls with our safety balaclavas for when you are working in confined spaces. We have a range of clothing options for welders including the Pyromate Welding Jacket, which is made from Pyrovatex® treated cotton drill for enhanced breathability. Kevlar stitched with chrome leather sleeves and Velcro fastenings — it's rugged and durable. The Fusion Leather Welder’s Apron is made from high-quality cow split leather, and also Kevlar stitched. The apron now comes with a handy chest pocket.

3. Hands and Feet Protection

No PPE kit is complete without adequate protection for hands and feet. We have a great selection of Esko Welder’s Gloves that are Kevlar stitched, so they withstand higher temperatures for longer. These gloves all meet NZ safety standards and come in handy bulk packs. The ESKO TIG MASTER PRO Premium Tig Welder’s Glove is designed specifically for TIG welders and has been crafted for enhanced dexterity, comfort & feel.

Steel cap boots are mandatory for any industrial workplace, and we stock a great selection of footwear. To protect your footwear from sparks and metal filings we recommend the Fusion Leather Spats, which fasten over your boots with Velcro.


Other Safety Considerations

Welding work can often create high noise levels, particularly during metal preparation (abrasive blasting, grinding) and you need to protect your ears with approved hearing protection. Fumes and toxic gases are also potential hazards. Ideally, these breathing hazards need to be eliminated or minimised through proper extraction and ventilation systems and personal breathing protection using respiratory masks should be a last resort.

Jaedon stock products for welders, galvanisers, foundry workers and many related trades. Give us a call, visit our store or shop our products online.

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