5 Essential Things to Consider When Buying A Safety Vest

Posted March 26, 2019

The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 encourages employers and contractors to proactively identify and manage risks to ensure everyone is safe and healthy. Worksite visibility is a key safety factor and you need good hi-visibility clothing that is durable, performs well and meets safety compliance standards.

So, here's five things you should look for when buying traffic safety vests for you and your crew.

1. Compliance

Don’t take risks with cheap two dollar shop ‘safety' vests. Apart from their poor quality and lack of durability, if they don't perform to recognised NZ Safety standards, you could be putting yourself and your team at risk. Using non-compliant clothing could also reflect poorly on your business (pardon the pun) if you happen to be audited by Worksafe.

Play it safe and check out our range of Hi Vis and TTMC-W17 (Temporary Traffic Management Control) vests and workwear which are AS/NZS 4602.1.2011 (W) - Day/Night compliant. So these vests can be used day and night and in wet weather.

2. Style

Ok, we’re not talking high fashion here but having the correct style of safety vest and workwear is very important on worksites, ensuring that supervisors and specialists can be easily identified. For example, Site Traffic Management Supervisors (STMS), need to wear vests with the STMS designation clearly displayed front and back, a long tail, and reflective tape stripes. We also do safety vest styles for Search and Rescue (SAR), First Aid, Safety Officers, Fire Wardens and visitors.

3. Shape

Getting the right shape and size is so important when it comes to safety vests. We stock a wide range of sizes from XSM to 7XL. You can order online or come into our centrally located store in Manukau to try them on. The shape is another important consideration when choosing a safety vest. Do you need long sleeve or just a basic vest? Do you need pockets for pens and ID inserts? How about fleece or polyester microfibre lining for extra warmth?

4. Purpose

Safety vests not only protect workers as they carry out their jobs—a garment that is fit for purpose will allow you and your team to work more efficiently. For example, the ARCPRO® FR Wool Vest is shower proof and fire retardant. It can be zipped into the ARCPRO range of wet weather jackets and is made in New Zealand by Jaedon, so you're buying directly from the manufacturer.

5. Price

Kitting out your crew with high-quality safety vests and workwear needn't be expensive. Jaedon buys in bulk, which means we can offer you warehouse prices on traffic safety vests, STMS vests, Safety Officer vests, Fire Warden vests and more. Unlike many of our competitors, we actually make many of our products, which means you get quality, Made in New Zealand products, direct from the manufacturer.


Jaedon — your one-stop shop for safety vests in New Zealand. Visit our store in central Manukau or buy online.

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