Titan 340 CE

Product code: APT340


TITAN 340 CE Type 5,6 CAT III Disposable SMS Coverall

  • Latest SMS fabric technology - ideal for working in warmer environments.
  • Approved for asbestos removal
  • Multi-layered PPSB for advanced fabric strength, tear and puncture resistance.
  • MBPP fabric filters 99.8% of particles sized 0.5-1 m
  • 4-thread seam stitching, 3–3.5 stitches per cm, stronger seam strength compared to other brands
  • Elastic is stitched outside the coverall to avoid any possible allergy reaction.
  • Auto-locking zippers, well folded-in for user comfort 
  • Meets EN1073-2 for protection against radioactive particulate contamination
  • Approved in accordance with EN1149-5 antistatic standard

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