True North

True North Aero Vest Urban

Product code: AV310



A Modular vest design for search and rescue that minimizes heat-trapping and maximises air flow. Attaches to a set of thigh packs.

 The modular design allows you in just seconds to add or drop a tool belt; add or remove a 3L hydration unit; add or remove a Fire Shelter Case or convert the Aero from a vest to thigh pockets. The Aero-Vest™ is the heart of the Transformer system.

Designed in collaboration with Search and Rescue and Incident Command professionals, this system adapts with you as conditions change. Best of all the foot-print of the Aero-Vest™ minimizes heat-trapping, maximizes air flow, and provides a greater range of motion than conventional vest designs.
All that without sacrificing the functionality of easily accessible pockets, gear loops and clip points that keep your gear secure and close at hand.
The Aero-Vest™, designed by and for people dedicated to saving lives.

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227.00 NZD

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