Shedline Dairywear

Armour Safety Apron


The Shedline  'Armour' Safety Apron features a rigid plastic safety shield, shaped to mould around the upper body and help protect the milker from cows kicking. The standard position of the safety shield is near the top of the apron to increase protection of the chest area but alternatively can be manufactured with the shield positioned lower down the apron to help protect the stomach area if preferred.  We have lots of pregnant ladies protecting their babies with the Armour Safety Apron.

Built-in safety shield for increased protection from kicking cows
Comfortable webbing neck and waist straps with adjustable quick-release buckles
Durable, strong brass eyelets
Neck and waist straps double bartacked for extra strength
Dual fabric layers folded and stitched at high stress points
Full-length protection

*Custom sizes also available on request

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