KIT - ArcTech Merino Balaclava, BSD ErgoS Faceshield, helmet

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ArcTech Merino™ Balaclava

ArcTech Merino™ is a blend of merino and viscose fibres, which gives maximum protection from arc-flash, but is still incredibly comfortable to wear.  

NFPA70 E Level 2: >8.0cal/cm2 

Fire retardant 

ISO 15025 A: Flame spread and surface ignition

Soft, warm, comfortable and durable

Anti-bacterial properties




BSD ErgoS Faceshield

Has a slight 'Smoke Tint' which is prefered by most users. 'Yellow Tinted' faceshields can distort the colours of the wires. eg. Blue can look Green.

BSD ErgoS Faceshield is rated at 10.7cal/cm2. AS/NZS4386:2011

BSD ErgoS Faceshield is made in Germany.




Rating: Type 1 - Industrial
Standards: Certified to AS/NZS1801
Tested to ANSI/ISEA Z89.1:2014 Clause Class G 2200V
Tested to ANSI/ISEA Z89.1:2014 Clause Class E 20000V
30mm slot, allowing you to wear your favourite ear muffs
6-point nylon harness with new Ratchet mechanism for easy adjustable fit
Manufactured with ABS Plastic
White; Yellow; Orange; Red; Pink; Blue; Green; Black; Fluro Yellow;
Fluro Orange
One Size fits all


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High Voltage

What is Arc Flash Clothing?

A typical work day for many electrical workers involves hazardous tasks and a high risk of electrical shock and injury. From repairing broken wires to working on electrical lines, electrical workers must wear the proper protective equipment and arc flash clothing to stay safe should an arc flash explosion occur.

What is Arc Rated?

The Difference Between Arc Rated (AR) and Flame Resistant (FR) ... The letters “AR” stand for Arc Rated, and made their debut in the recent revision of NFPA 70E; the short explanation of the difference is that ALL AR clothing is flame resistant (FR), but not all FR clothing has been Arc Rated.

What does HRC2 mean?

Garments compliant to HRC (Hazard Risk Category) 2, as defined by NFPA 70E, 2012 edition, have an arc rating that is greater than or equal to 8 cal/cm², but is less than 25 cal/cm². HRC 2 may also be called Level 2.

What is an Electric Arc Flash?

An arc flash (also called a flashover), which is distinctly different from the arc blast, is part of an arc fault, a type of electrical explosion or discharge that results from a low-impedance connection through air to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system.

What is the ATPV rating?

ASTM Standard Definitions: ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) is the incident energy on a material that results in a 50% probability that sufficient heat transfer through the specimen is predicted to cause the onset of second-degree burn injury based on the Stoll Curve, cal/cm²

Heat and Flame

What is the difference between fire retardant and fire resistant?

The biggest difference between flame resistant and flame retardant fabrics lies in how each is made. Without a special chemical application, a fabric will not qualify as flame retardant. Similarly, without being made of certain non flammable fibres, a fabric will not quality as fire resistant.

How do you wash FR clothing?

Home Wash
Wash separately in a Normal or Cotton cycle at any water temperature up to a maximum of 140ºF (60ºC). ...
Turn garments inside out before wash to reduce streaking from abrasion. ...
DO NOT use chlorine bleach or liquid non chlorine bleach.

What does inherently flame retardant mean?

Inherently flame resistant fibres are materials that have flame resistance built into their chemical structures. ... A chemical additive in the fibre or treatment on the fabric is used to provide some level of flame retardancy. During a fire, chemically dependent fabrics rely on a chemical reaction to extinguish the flame.

Is cotton flame resistant?

No, There is a common perception that untreated 100% cotton fabric is somehow “flame-resistant”. This is simply not true. While heavyweight untreated 100%cotton fabrics may be more difficult to ignite, they can and will ignite and continue to burn if exposed to an ignition source.

What is the definition of flame resistant?
A substance that is applied to fabric, wood, or other material in order to make it resistant to catching fire. Also called fire retardant.

Is wool resistant to fire?
Wool is an amazing fibre with so many inherent qualities that can benefit humans. It is naturally flame resistant.