Tips to Choosing the Best Chainsaw Protective Clothing

Posted April 9, 2019

When choosing chainsaw protective clothing, you need to consider the type and frequency of work you’ll be doing, as this will help determine which chainsaw safety gear will work for you. Chainsaw safety protective gear includes:

  • Chainsaw Trousers or Chaps
  • Ear, Eye and Head Protection
  • Gloves and Mitts
  • Boots

Chainsaw Trousers or Chaps?

Are you working with chainsaws every day or is it just the odd job? Contractors who do a lot of chainsaw work should consider chainsaw trousers rather than chaps, as they’re more comfortable and protect you at all times. Forestry workers generally favour abrasion resistant, stretchable chainsaw trousers that provide comfort and are resistant to tearing on branches and undergrowth. Chainsaw chaps are worn over trousers and are great for occasional work or where the safety gear needs to be shared amongst workers.

Are you working near power or electrical equipment? If so, you need to choose chainsaw clothing that is fire and arc resistant as well. These fire retardant chainsaw chaps are designed to be worn over firefighting clothing. They have wide straps that are extra long, so they’re easy to put on.

Ear, Eye & Head Protection

Chainsaws can produce up to 119dB of noise so proper hearing protection is essential. So loudness is the obvious hazard but equally dangerous are flying splinters and debris that could cause eye damage. Another potential hazard is falling branches when pruning trees.The best solution for all-round protection is a helmet with integrated visor and muffs. The Tuff Nut Ratchet Clear Visor Combo Kit Gives you total protection with full face and brow visor, helmet and integrated ear muffs. The high impact resistant helmet is well ventilated and has a 6 point ratchet adjustable suspension harness. The visor is anti-fog and anti-scratch coated, as well as providing 99% UV protection.

Hand Protection

The Power Maxx Ballistic Gloves are perfect for chainsaw work with a form-fitting cuff to keep wood chips and other debris out. Jaedon also stocks leather chainsaw mitts that protect your hand if it should accidentally slip off the chainsaw bar.

Feet Protection

Protection for your feet is no less important as there are many potential risks when working with chainsaws. The Schöen Forestry Pro range of safety boots are bright orange for visibility and offer the highest level of chainsaw protection. The boots are available with spikes for extra grip.

Complete your chainsaw safety kit ensemble with the True North Chainsaw Pack, a versatile pack that allows you to carry your chainsaw securely, along with fuel, water—even a fire shelter. It’s modular design means you can position pouches where they work best, and the chainsaw can be loaded or unloaded in seconds.

When choosing chainsaw protective equipment, its important to select gear that fits well, doesn’t get in the way and lets you do your work safely and comfortably. If you need specific advice on what PPE clothing will work best for you —contact us here at Jaedon.

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