Posted October 10, 2018

Information around Balaclavas


Is there a specific 70E rule that states where a qualified worker must where a balaclava? Between ‘X’ voltage range or anything? We here strictly work below 408v AC. I have looked thru the 70E book, and I am missing it. RE: 70E REQUIREMENT FOR WEARING BALACLAVA#230, By Hugh Hoagland -  March 5th, 2018, 9:12 am.


They are mentioned quite frequently. They are required anytime you have exposure to the head >1.2 cal/cm² or in all the PPE Categories. Arc flash hazards aren't technically voltage based. Any voltage greater than 300V or almost any typical three phase system has real potential of causing skin burn so the standard would usually require a balaclava. The early versions of NFPA 70E did not require a balaclava in the HRC level 0 and 1. But that has changed several years back. Most companies haven't updated to the newest versions.

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