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Rite in the Rain A4 Copy Paper

Product code: TRRITR8512


Now you can photo copy or laser print you existing forms on "Rite in the Rain" copier paper. 129.7 x 42mm 200 sheets per pack.

All Weather Rite In The Rain field books allow you to work efficiently in any weather conditions.

The perfect book for those involved in the collection of data or note taking out in the field.

You've all dealt with the hassles of writing in wet situations. The paper turns to mush, you scramble for cover, grab and umbrella or plastic bag and attempt to continue your work. Worse yet, you've just completed your work and your notes are ruined by a sudden rain squall. For just pennies a sheet "Rite in the Rain" enables you to work efficiently, regardless of the environment. It's like having rain gear for your notepad. Evidence and data worth gathering, is worth protecting with Rite in the Rain!.


  • Blank sheets for printing your own forms
  • All Weather paper
  • Compatible with most photocopiers and laser printers


  • Paper: All Weather
  • Pages Per Pack: 200
  • Paper weight: 75gsm
  • Size: 129.7 x 42mm

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88.90 NZD

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