Knee Pads Safety Equipment NZ

PPE knee protection such as kneepads, workpants with kneepads is available here. Choose from proflex softshell, turtle back hardshell & more. Buy yours now!

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ProFlex Soft Shell Knee Pads

Soft Shell Knee Pads, allow greater mobility...

28.45 NZD

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ProComfort Knee Pads

ProComfort knee pads, synthetic leather shell,

48.00 NZD

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Turtle Back Hard Shell Knee Pads

Hard "Turtle Back" shell for easy swivelling and durability, .....

48.00 NZD

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Syzmik Knee pads 1 Pair

For advanced knee protection

13.80 NZD

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MASCOT Waterloo

Knee Pads

25.00 NZD

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