Hearing Protection

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Blue Corded Ear Plugs

Blue Corded ear plugs ...

93.30 NZD

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Economy Earmuff

Low clamping force for added comfort ...

28.70 NZD

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Moldex SparkPlugs

Box of 200 Pairs ...

79.00 NZD

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Max33 Folding Earmuff

Hearing protection for noise levels to 120 dB ...

31.50 NZD

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H7P3E - Earmuff Attachment

SLC80: 30dB (Class 5)

69.50 NZD

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Tuff Nut Ratchet Clear Visor Combo Kit

TUFF-NUT Visor Combo Kit, ratchet adjustable hard hat, browguard and clear visor

63.50 NZD

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