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ARCPRO® Arc Rated EC Switching Suit 45 CAL

ArcPro Switching Jacket and Trousers We make ...

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ARCPRO® FR EC Switching Suit 65cal

Switching Suit Two options for switching jack...

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ARCPRO® Switching Hood

Switching Hood   Martian not inclu...

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Powerflex 80-813 Gloves

Flame resistance, plus arc flash protection. 12 Pairs ...

294.00 NZD

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Balagoggles 45 cal

High Voltage ARC Rated Balaclava and Goggles ...

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Low Energy Arc Goggle

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Non Vented Hard Hat

ABS Plastic

44.00 NZD

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Non Vented Hard Hat 2

High Heat Rated Polycarbonate

49.00 NZD

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KIT - ArcTech Merino Balaclava, BSD ErgoS Faceshield, helmet

KIT - ArcTech Merino Balaclava & BSD ErgoS Faceshield and Hardhat

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BSD ErgoS Arc Flash Faceshield

Faceshield rated 10.0cal/cm2 or greater.

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