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ARCPRO® Arc Rated Wet Weather Jacket

Fully arc rated breathable fabric, that is both light weight, comfortable to wear and has good wet weather properties .......

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ARCPRO® Arc Rated Wet Weather Bib Over Trouser

Arc Rated Breathable Bib Over Trouser

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ARCPRO® Wet Weather Jacket

Lightweight breathable outer fabric with a FR lining material ...

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ARCPRO® FR WW Bib Over Trouser

Breathable lightweight material, zip gussets in legs ...

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ARCPRO® Arc Rated Wool Coat TTMC

Fire Retardent Wool Jacket Navy blue and Oran...

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ARCPRO® FR Wool Vest

FR Wool Vest The wool vest can zip ...

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FR HV Safety Observer Vest

Fire Retardant Hi-Vis Safety Observer Vest 10...

84.50 NZD

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Fire Retardant Hi-Vis Orange Vest Transit com...

64.60 NZD

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Powerflex 80-813 Gloves

Flame resistance, plus arc flash protection. 12 Pairs ...

294.00 NZD

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ARCPRO® FR/Arc Rated Chainsaw Chaps

Made with a fire retardent outer fabric.....

191.50 NZD

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FR Hat Rim

Fire Retardant Hat Rim Designed to fit on any...

29.50 NZD

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Do-Rag: FR

Fire Retardant Do-Rag ...

18.50 NZD

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ARCPRO® Arc Rated Wool Coat Zip Slve

Variation of the Arcpro Jacket Minimum ord...

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