Balagoggles 45 cal

Product code: BALAGOGGLE45


High Voltage ARC Rated Balaclava and Goggles
The set have been rated to Level 4 with a test reading of 45.8Cal/ sqcm. 

The High Energy Arc Goggle is designed to be worn with the approved arc flash Balaclava that is included in the kit. Both meet the electrical arc flash hazard assessment requirements listed in NFPA 70-E.
The High Energy Balaclava is a dual eye port design with a honey-comb breathing chamber.
The Balaclava is a soft triple layer stretch Carbon-X fabric and is to be worn tucked into your PPE arc flash approved shirt or jacket.
Tested to the requirements of ASTM F2178.
The Arc Goggle in combination with an approved Balaclava and helmet is the only known system that provides an alternative to the use of Bee Keeper style hoods for Electrical Arc Safety up to 45 Cal/cm².
Provides primary eye protection as per ANSI Z87.1 and replaces the safety glass requirement.


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  • High Voltage
  • Heat and Flame

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