Maxx-Dri Under Body Armour Vests

Maxx-Dri performance vests, by 221B Tactical, have been designed to maximise airflow and improve weight-distribution of your body armour, making it feel less heavy on your body.

They are ideal for people who wear both internal and external armour carriers.

Key benefits of Maxx-Dri Vests include:

Increased air flow for fast evaporation of moisture beneath your vest
A drier tee-shirt or undershirt AND drier body
A decrease in the likelihood of developing skin rashes and infections
Reduced possibility of becoming dehydrated
Reduction in feeling fatigued
Less strain on your shoulders / neck because of Maxx-Dri's cushioning properties
An overall feeling of comfort by having your vest feel lighter on your body  
Vests are available in two thicknesses. The Original is 6mm, while the Maxx-Dri 2.0 is 8mm thick with more open weave for extreme heat environments.

Available in black in sizes from XS to 3XL.

Maxx-Dri vests are designed to fit snugly against the body to act like a spacer to create airflow under armour to facilitate evaporation of perspiration - helping to keep you cool, dry and more comfortable.

We recommend choosing one size smaller than your normal shirt size - for those with waist sizes between 31" - 33", sometimes going two sizes smaller is preferred. For females, we recommend going two sizes smaller than your equivalent male tee shirt size.

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