Ampshield Arcflash Kit 12 CAL

Product code: AMP-12-RW-HT

Ampshield Arc Flash
Shield Kit with brim and adapters
The Highly Transparent (HT™) Arc Flash Protective Face Shield Kit is
rated to 12 cal/cm². Featuring new technology that provides the arc
flash head protection you need, now in a highly translucent arc flash
faceshield, allowing enhanced color visibility resulting in a purer view.
The product is designed to protect eyes and face, if used as intended,
against the mechanical and thermal hazards of an arc flash during live
working or when staying in the vicinity of live parts. It is not intended
for arc welding, especially not to protect against long term high heat,
chemicals or any other radiation than emitted by an arc flash.


> Highly Transparent (HT™) Arc Flash Protective Face Shield Kit.
> Transparent chin protector and cap bracket for slotted caps.
> Tested to an ATPV of 12 cal/cm² as per ASTM F2178 (Open Arc Test).
> Meets NFPA 70E (HRC 2). With standard coating.
> Arc Flash PPE Category: 2
> Adjustable settings allow face shield to be secured in various positions, including above hard hat
> Attached see through chin cup for enhanced peripheral vision.
> High visible light transmission for greater visibility.
> Lightweight Design 318grams


Multi-impact rated helmet
European manufactured and certified to meet even the most stringent
demands of the industrial market, the ZERO® Pinnacle EXO series are
bolstered by the standard for mountaineers ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 TYPE
1 for superior protection whether on the ground or working at height.
The ZERO® Pinnacle range is easy to accessoriSe with easy to fit hearing
protection, direct fit protective visor and lamp connection system


To actively control the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury from falling, it is essential that the correct heads protection is worn. If we look at the
capability of a standard industrial hard hats, they are simply designed to protect you from a dropped object. If you become the falling object, we must
take more action to mitigate the risk of serious head injuries. This can be achieved by wearing head protection that is impact tested across multiple
parts of the helmet to provide all-round protection. A multi-impact rated helmet is the only effective way to minimiSe the risk of serious head trauma.

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