Arc Rated Bump Cap

This is a Multisafe Product; it has Electrical Arc Protection and Fire Retardant Properties

Product code: FRBMPCP


Comfortable and stylish EN 812 certified protective headwear Removable ergonomic ABS poly-vac protective shell Ventilated with anti-shock foam cushioning Elastic strap at the back
Ideal for working in confined spaces where visibility is important, and protection from knocks is needed.
(These bumps-caps do not provide the full protection that a regular hard hat does, and should only be used in specific situations.)


The arc-rated bump cap should be worn with the ArcTech Merino™arc-rated skull-cap beanie underneath, for the greatest protection.
The bump caps can also be logoed if required.
For more information on the bump-caps, please contact us; [email protected]

73.00 NZD

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