Our services include:

  • research & development

    Fabric development we can assist with developing fabrics that have unique properties.

    We can offer R&D expertise to create garments that give protection within superficial industrial environments.

    We have over 5o years of industry knowledge to draw from and a wide range of overseas suppliers with specialist information on different materials and fabrics.

    We have a wide understanding of current Safety Standards and industrial requirements.

  • pattern making

    We have a CAD system with the ability to create patterns. We use PAD Elite for our CAD software.

    We can advise on sizing/grading of designs. How many sizes might be suitable for your range.

    We also out-source pattern making if different expertise are needed.

  • CAD system

    Jaedon uses PAD Elite as the cad software which is integrated into our cutting system.

  • seam sealing

    Up to date seal sealing machines, which means we can seam-seal technical waterproof breathable fabrics and laminates.

  • cover-seam machines

    Ideal for finishing merino and other light weight garments.

  • flat-lock machines

    Ideal for finishing merino and other light weight garments.

  • heat-seal logos

    Printing of logos and designs. Artwork can be emailed and digitised.

    We also hold stock of logos for customers so we can quickly supply branded garments when required.

  • design

    In-house design capability, we are able to advise on your designs and offer suggestions in terms of improvements or simplification for your final application.

    We can work from sketches or design concepts to create original samples.

  • sampling

    From design through to sampling we can take your concept through to the sampling stage.

    Jaedon has access to various different fabric suppliers and can arrange for small runs of fabric for sampling.

    We will advise any changes that may be required to the patterns etc, whilst the sampling is being completed.

  • cutting

    CMT – Cut, make & trim services.

    Full array of cutting facilities available.

    Large productions runs can be cut using an automatic cutting machine.

  • PVC welding

    Wet weather garments with welded seams for greater waterproofing.

    Welding is done using radio frequency waves to melt the PVC particles together.

  • twin-needle machines

    For durable extra hard wearing garment construction.

  • embroidery & screen printing

    We can arrange for company logos to embroidered onto garments.

    Individual name badges

    Fire retardant thread for FR garments

  • man packing

    complete individual personal uniform sets.